The Benefit as Agents

  • ToAssign is a marketplace to bring sellers and buyers together. If you have deal, list with us and ToAssign will find you buyers. If you have buyer clients, check out ToAssign's listings and we will find you deals. It is just this simple.

  • We have built a productive platform for our agent partners to enhance their income through the assignment transaction, an area that are growing very fast.

  • ToAssign will not charge our agent partners until our agent partners get the assignment transaction done.

  • ToAssign provide transparent assignment transaction data and comprehensive market comparable to our agent partners. You could utilize those data to get more assignment listingz, and help your buyer clients to make informed decision.


  • Step 1

    Sign up/log in as agent

    We make the registration process simple. Fill in your information then we handle the rest.

  • Step 2

    List your assignment

    We strongly recommend you to join ToAssign as agent partners. We will list your personal profile on our website. Potential buyers and sellers will contact you directly – a great way to generate leads.

  • Step 3

    List your assignment

    Fill in the ‘List your Assignment’ page with detail unit information and publish your listing through our platform and attract many potential buyers. The more information you can provide the more appealing your unit will be.

  • Step 4

    Browse through ToAssign

    If you have buyer clients, check out ToAssign’s listing database and find deals for your clients, or you could set up daily auto-alert email based on your client’s criteria (price, location, closing date, etc). You will never miss a single assignment deal from now on!

Step 5

Win Credits

You could purchase the assignment transaction historical report by using the credit points you have earned. You could also submit the assignment sale history through your own assignment transaction to earn more credit points for further usage.

What agents are saying

So far this year, I have helped three of my clients purchase the pre-construction condos through ToAssign. In such a hot market, it is a good alternative way to buy the property for your clients without bidding war.

I would like to thank the entire team at ToAssign for one of the smoothest closings I have had in assignment transaction in quite some time. In addition to the awesome website ToAssign offers, I couldn’t help but be impressed on how much of a collective effort was demonstrated in my transaction.

ToAssign helped me to match sellers and buyers. It is just working like another MLS system to enhance the liquidity of the assignment transactions. I really love it!



"As with anything else, your foundation has to be strong. In an assignment sale, your foundation is the Underlying Agreement. Rule number one for you must be that the foundation i.e the Underlying Agreement should be strong. Never ever let your client enter into an assignment agreement without a review of the Underlying Agreement having been completed. Make sure that the Assignment Agreement is conditional on the purchaser’s lawyer reviewing the Underlying Agreement."

"Yes, there are two: OREA Form 150 Assignment of Agreement of Purchase and Sale Condominium and OREA Form 145 Assignment of Agreement of Purchase and Sale (including applicable schedules.) In most cases, the Developer will have its own form as well."

"In the event of a delay, the assignment is still valid: the Assignee has agreed to take on their agreement and all responsibilities involved in it."

"After the condominium is registered, on final closing the Builder transfers title to Assignee. The Assignee pays the balance to the Builder. The Assignee may also pay any amount still owed to the Assignor depending on the terms of the Assignment." The Assignee may pay the following to the Builder on final closing:
   a. Estimated property taxes for up to 2 years
   b. Hydro/water/gas meter installation and connection charges (approx. $500–$700 per meter)
   c. Development charges/levies (potentially thousands of dollars)
   d. Tarion New Home Warranty (ranging from $600–$1,900. See Tarion website for fee structure)
   e. Discharge of builder’s mortgages (approx. $200–$300 per mortgage)
   f. Builder’s lawyer’s Law Society charge (approx. $70)
   g. Compensation for the Builder–cost of handling the Assignor’s deposit cheques (approx. $250)
   h. 2 months of occupancy fees for reserve fund
   i. Other amounts set out in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
These costs are typically not financed with a mortgage.
The Assignee is responsible for the following additional fees:
   a) Legal fees and disbursements
   b) Land transfer tax (provincial and municipal).
   c) GST/HST rebate.
   d) Municipal levies.