The Benefit as Builders

  • By listing with us, ToAssign will work as a team with hundreds of agents to sell your remaining units.

  • ToAssign will collaborate to endorse these new projects by informing our mass clientele base and generate that buzz in the market.

  • As a cooperative developer, it is much easier for us to encourage past clients to reinvest at your new projects. By giving them assignment consent, you establish that relationship of good customer service.

  • ToAssign provide transparent assignment transaction data and comprehensive market comparable to our developer partners. You could utilize those data to get better pricing strategy for your next project.

What Builders are saying

"ToAssign's specialists are knowledgeable and responsive. They walked me through the end-to-end assignment purchase process. I would recommend them to my friends".

"With such a large collection of assignment listings, I am afford to take my time and pick the best deal".

"I have been always interested in buying a unit in this building. The higher floor unit with Lakeview were sold out at the first week of VVIP release. I never got a chance to purchase it. With the help of ToAssign, I ended up with buying my dream unit through assignment market".