The Benefit as Buyers

  • With a large collection of assignment listings, buyers get the opportunity to find the best deals among the many choices.

  • ToAssign’s professional team, which inlcudes assignment specialists, lawyers and accountants will guide you through the purchase process.

  • ToAssign Alert Service saves buyers hours of looking for properties by sending you new assignment listings as soon as they are put on the market

  • ToAssign provides transparent assignment transaction data and comprehensive market comparable to buyers. We help buyers to utilize those precious data to make informed decision.


  • Step 1

    Sign up/log in as buyer

    We make the registration process simple. Fill in your information then we handle the rest.

  • Step 2

    Browse through ToAssign’s deal database

    ToAssign provides a reliable and responsive deal database to let you browse through to find the best deal. In addition, you could check out the sold history report for market comparable analysis.

  • Step 3

    Set up daily auto-alert email

    You could set up daily auto-alert email based on your own criteria (price, location, closing date, etc). You will never miss a single assignment deal form now on!

  • Step 4

    Offline services immediately

    If you are interested in any unit, Assignment Professionals from ToAssign will provide you with all the detail information. We could also help you to type up Assignment Agreement and present offer to the seller.

Step 5

Negotiate and firm the deal

The Assignment Agreement you presented may be accepted, rejected, or negotiated again. Assignment Professionals from ToAssign will assist you with negotiating and firming the deal, closing the transaction and getting the Developer's consent.

What buyers are saying

ToAssign's specialists are knowledgeable and responsive. They walked me through the end-to-end assignment purchase process. I would recommend them to my friends.

I have been always interested in buying a unit in this building. The higher floor unit with Lakeview were sold out at the first week of VVIP release. I never got a chance to purchase it. With the help of ToAssign, I ended up with buying my dream unit through assignment market.

With such a large collection of assignment listings, I am afford to take my time and pick the best deal.



"The biggest advantage to buying an assignment is that you are getting a unit that is new and should be less expensive than the market value and the pre-sale value. Since it cannot be advertised by conventional means (MLS) there are fewer people looking at it, less demand usually lowers the price."

"The Interim Closing(Occupancy date) is the date the Developer hands over the keys and allows the owner to take occupancy even though the building is not yet registered with the City. During the interim occupancy, and, according to the condominium act the owner would be responsible for the monthly payments."

"Final Closing refers to the date soon after the building is registered as a Condominium Corporation with the City. On this date, the purchaser pays the balance owing under the contract of purchase and arranges their own mortgage."

"In most instances the original buyer pays the fee to the Builder."

"An assignment is legally permitted unless otherwise expressly prohibited in writing in the original Agreement of Purchase and Sale. An assignment fee may be charged by the developer and is normally a cost borne by the Assignor (the original purchaser)."

"You need to consult the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Generally, Developers will not permit assignments without the Developer’s consent, therefore every situation requires consultation with the Developer and your lawyer."

"In an assignment, there are three things that are negotiable between the Assignor and the Assignee. The New Purchase Price – The offering price of the assignment The Deposit – The amount that the buyer is willing to put as an initial down payment (keep in mind the assignor has probably already deposited 25%). The Closing Date – Depending on what you agree on, ideally you would have them close the assignment on the same day that it is available for occupancy to lessen their expenses and optimize your final price."

"ToAssign’s Assignment Professionals will help you to do a market analysis to see what similar units are selling for. Take that information to figure out the appropriate purchase price and use it to negotiate the best deal for your desired unit.."

If this is not your primary residence then yes, you will have to pay back a portion of the HST on the purchase price of your unit on the final closing. Please talk to the professional accountant for more detail.

1) Choose the project and unit you like by considering the location, builder, unit layout and price.
2) Get the unit detail information (including original price, closing cost, upgrade, etc) before placing the assignment offer.
3) Assignment Professional will type up the Assignment Agreement. The Agreement will be conditional on financing, lawyer review and builder consent.
4) Assignment Professional will contact the seller (assignor) to begin negotiations. An Assignment Agreement is presented to the Seller. The Seller may accept, reject, or negotiate the Assignment Agreement.
5) Once the agreement is accepted, Assignment purchaser put the assignment deposit to the real estate brokerage's Trust account.
6) Get in touch with lawyer to review and execute the assignment agreement
7) Get in touch with financial institution to approve the mortgage financing.
8) Get in touch with the developer through Assignment seller to get their consent.
9) Wave the financing and lawyer s review condition in 5 business days.
10) Wave the builder consent condition once the build approves the assignment transaction.