The Benefit as Seller(Assignor)

  • ToAssign is a marketplace for assignment. It is the most efficient platform to sell your assignment and to maximize your profits.

  • Assignment sale’s transaction cost could be high – ToAssign provides unique solution to save the money for you.

  • ToAssign has a team of assignment professionals. They work closely with our sellers to sell your assignment.

  • ToAssign provide transparent assignment transaction data and comprehensive market comparable for sellers.


  • Step 1

    Sign up / log in as seller

    We make the registration process simple. Fill in your information then we handle the rest.

  • Step 2

    List your assignment

    Fill in the ‘List your Assignment’ page with detail unit information and publish your listing through our platform and attract many potential buyers. The more information you can provide the more appealing your unit will be.

  • Step 3

    Manage “my profile” page

    After posting, you are always eligible to manage all your listings: edit, update, or delete your listings whenever you want.

  • Step 4

    Always be notified and informed

    You will receive notification if there are buyers or buyer agents who are interested in your units.

Step 5

Negotiate and firm the deal

When a buyer has shown interest in your unit, and an Assignment Agreement is presented you, you may accept, reject, or negotiate the Assignment Agreement. Assignment Professional from ToAssign will assist you with negotiating and firming the deal, closing the transaction and getting the Developer's consent.

What Sellers are saying

After trying to sell my unit for six months through all kinds of approaches, I turned to ToAssign. It's easy, it's online, it's reliable, and finally I got my unit sold.

An experience unlike anything else we’ve ever tasted before! The feature I like most is the sold history report. It is the only way you know how much your unit should worth at this extremely illiquid market.

Traditionally, you hire an agent and he/she will be responsible for your assignment listing. This tradition model seldom works well. ToAssign has a team of hundreds of agents. They are working together to sell your unit. No wonder it just works.



"The most common question we have been getting is “Can I legally assign my unit?” For the most part, developers will give consent to allow for assignments. If the developer does not cooperate with the assignment, we will entertain other methods of closing the transaction, usually involving later closing dates."

"Usually the original buyer has paid deposits to the Builder under the contract. When the contract is assigned these deposits are taken over by the new buyer. The original buyer will usually want his initial deposits back as well as the profit on the sale. From the original buyer’s perspective, the more funds that he can obtain before final closing the better. From the new buyer’s perspective, the less he can pay before final closing the better. Again, however, it is important to note that each deal is different and that this can be structured in any way that the parties agree."

"The major expenses would be the HST, Education Levies, land transfer provincial tax, and Development Charges, which can add up to over $10,000. The developer has more than likely added many more costs that you are not aware of and that you will find impossible to find out until the moment comes whereby you are sitting in front of your lawyer and it is the final closing day."

"If this is not your primary residence then yes, you will have to pay back a portion of the HST on the purchase price of your unit on the final closing. Assign it and this tax should be waived to the new occupant. Please talk to the professional accountant for more detail."

"You should post your unit immediately, It's like fishing, you can bait the hook but until you drop your line in the water you will never know if there are any fish in the lake."

"In almost all cases no! You do not legally own this property, the developer will likely charge a tall penalty and they may even attempt to keep the unit and force you to forfeit your deposits."

"In most instances the original buyer pays the fee to the Builder."

"You should always be legally represented in all matters of real estate. Finding a lawyer whom is knowledgeable in new home condominium assignment law is the challenge. To get in contact with our in house real estate lawyer Stanley Grossman, click here."

1 Prepare all the unit detail information (including original price, closing cost, upgrade, etc).
2 Market out your listing through ToAssign or your own listing agent
3 Once an Assignment Agreement is presented to Assignment Seller, Assignment Seller could decide to accept, reject, or negotiate the Assignment Agreement.
4 Once the agreement is accepted, Assignment purchaser should put the assignment deposit to the real estate brokerage's Trust account
5 Get in touch with lawyer to review and execute the assignment agreement
6 Get in touch with the builder to get their consent and the deal is firmed